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At the Forum we have some staff on board. Their job is to simply watch the forum and make sure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to. Here is a list and description of all staff and their usernames:

Job Descriptions
Admins=In charge of entire site. Oversee all operation and moderators. Is the "Boss".

Officers=There is only ONE. He is in charge of banning all users. Has more power than moderators. He also over sees all of the moderators.

Developers=They help with the developing and the back-end of the site. (They come to us and ask.)

Moderators=Oversee all comments and threads. Also monitor users. (Appointed by Admin)

Assistants=Help moderators keep forum safe and fun place. They are also "Moderators In Training". (Can apply or be appointed)

Moderators=None at the moment
Assistants=None at the moment

Please do not impersonate any staff!
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